Tai.Kobain – Love Cry (EP)

Singer, Tai.Kobain has been known for his melodic sounds, catchy lyrics and explicit content. His latest EP, Love Cry serves as a teaser of what’s to come. Although short, it holds substance and leaves you wanting more. It’s completely

Money & Violence: Season 2 (Trailer)

The Official Trailer for Money & Violence: Season 2 has just dropped! In a little more than week from now (Jan 31.) we get to recreate our lives around the highly popular web-series created, filmed, and produced in Brooklyn, New York.

Kay Anthony ft/ LaurynHill – “Black Rage”

As Lauryn Hill enters the track, she runs down a list of things that may cause anger to a certain population/culture. In her opinion, black rage is founded upon the likes of our history being half-taught to us, the social injustices many of us still

Nas – “March Madness (Remix)”

Nas takes to Future‘s hit “March Madness” and silences the talk of him not being able to hang on a trap beat, if there ever was any. The Queens legend starts of with standard OG talk, letting you know what he’s come from and

Review: Shes RYAN – Hood Hippie (EP)

Brooklyn’s own She’s Ryan recently released her EP, Hood Hippie. From the tape we get the sense the title stands for almost a split personality of the artist. If you’ve heard the phrase, “too hood for the hipsters, too